McDonalds Coffee Day ☕️ – World Autism Day Donation.

World Autism Day Fundraiser was successful in donation of $353.50.

Last week the World united in acknowledging neurodiversity.

Our local McDonalds generously offered to assist our charity to meet our goal of $1500 to support purchasing neurodiversity affirming sensory support tools.

Members of Autism Network visited the Napanee McDonalds location and were met by friendly, kind and compassionate staff who were happy to chat about neurodiversity.

Staff were busy handling the lunch rush but they still welcomed us with friendly faces.

This business has been a supporter to not only our family but our network as well. It is one of many reasons Napanee is greater.

Spin to Win Napanee – World Autism Day Donation.

Spin to Win – Napanee run by Sharon MacDonald

In support of World Autism Day, Spin to Win – Napanee is a local charity operated by Sharon MacDonald. They made a donation of $2,500 to support the neurodiverse community.

Thank you, Sharon, for all the tireless work you do to support your community. You truly are an inspiration.


World Autism Day April 2, 2023

This boy named Hank made me a Mom, and because of him I know about a whole new world. A world filled with more empathy, compassion and patience.

I’m proud to be navigating this journey alongside him.

We celebrate autism everyday in our house, but during World Autism Day I find myself more reflective of our accomplishments, growth as well as setting new goals.

I feel thankful for our family, community, educators, specialists and supporters.

This village is great and I’m proud to call Napanee home.




Plantables – Spring Fundraiser

Plantables – Spring Fundraiser

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve chosen to be a part of the Plantables Fundraising Program for 2023.

We’re aiming to raise $1,500 to fund on-going sensory supports for our neurodiverse community members and every box of plants you buy helps us get closer to that goal.  (We get 10% of the total of every order you place.)

What Is Plantables?

Plantables is an exciting family-owned company based in Forest, Ontario that grow healthy, hardy and happy fruit and vegetable plants.  The best part is, they ship them DIRECTLY to your door, when you want them!

That means that no matter how busy you are, how unsuccessful (successful!) you’ve been at growing plants before, you’ll be able to grow brag-worthy fruits and veggies!

All you have to do is pick what plants you want to grow, choose when you want them delivered and wait for your box of garden-ready plants to arrive on your doorstep. Shipping weeks are available from April- June.

How does the program work?

All you have to do is help spread the plant love! Tell everybody you know to go to and make sure they enter the code AUTISM at the checkout or follow our direct link

We’re really excited to be launching a fundraiser that involves growing healthy fruits and veggies and spending time as a family!  We can’t wait to see how much we all can raise together.

Thank you for all of your support.

Mandy Stapley – CEO

Autism Network LAC


School Support – Sensory Donation

Newspaper Article – The Napanee Beaver

Autism Network LAC was proud to be able to make a large donation to the Educational Services Department for the Limestone District School Board.

Late last year, Autism Network LAC was granted $7,200.00 by local not-for-profit, 100 Women Who Care Organization. This donation was to support our neurodiverse community to be successful in school.

Our charity consulted with the Educational Services Team LDSB (Autism Services) to purchase particular items in order to maximize the support through a variety of different needs. These may include, those in the process of a diagnosis where there is no support currently; those with a current diagnosis that have no plan or support and are waiting on a list; and finally those seeking support who have a plan and still require additional items to be fully supported with their sensory needs. 

The following items were delivered to our local and neighboring schools to assist those in need:

Photo left to right: Members of Educational Services Team (Left to right – Nancy Gourdier-Golle – Student Support Counsellor , Nicola Dillard – VP of Educational Services, Mandy Stapley – Autism Network LAC,  Ash Ward – Special Education Coordinator, In front – Sam Banks – Placement Student – St. Lawrence College.

-350 Sensory support necklaces (4D Farms local creator)

-90 Visual timers

-70 Sound cancelling headphones (Autism Canada)

-70 Sensory Squishy balls (Autism Canada)

-8 Sensory connect fidgets Totaling = 588 items 

Autism Network LAC will continue advocate and support our community to ensure each student has the tools to feel relaxed and engaged in their learning environment.


Canadian Autism Awareness recognized by Town of Greater Napanee for another year.

Napanee Today shares Council decision to support.
Town council recognizing Autism Awareness month

The town of Greater Napanee will once again be recognizing Autism Awareness month in October.

Greater Napanee town council received the letter at this weeks town of Greater Napanee council meeting from correspondence from the Autism Network LAC.


Introducing Caylee Ortiz – Board Member

Caylee Ortiz – Board Member/Director

My name is Caylee Ortiz and I have humbly accepted a position on the board of directors with The Autism Network LACAN.

I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Community and Justice Services with 7 years of experience in the world of child care. I am wildly passionate about working with children and ensuring that each child I come into contact with feels seen and heard. I currently work as a programming assistant for the early years with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library and I am an ECE & EA with the Limestone District School Board. 

My approach as an educator is one in which I describe as The Whole Child Approach. This can be broken down into three categories, 1. See the child 2. Hear the child, 3. See With New Eyes.

My teaching wheelhouse is driven by adaption, inclusion, diversity, praise and research. 

A child at heart myself I believe connection comes in all forms and the most effective avenue of learning is through organic play. The paramount scale to follow, is that of happiness and joy. To See With New Eyes is to recognize and value the differences in the children of the world. It is to educate ourselves and those around as to how to be successful in being a propeller of success in a child’s life. Change the way we teach, not change the way they learn, find new perspective, in times of confusion. 

My passion for advocacy has many branches but in terms of this particular branch, there is a child close to my heart who is navigating his adventure with ASD and I can truly say, no tiny human has taught me more than this little man. It is because of him and others along my ECE journey that I will continue to work hard to provide equal opportunity for those who have been touched with the wand of neurodiversity. 

I have a deep passion for yoga and holistic approaches to healing, therapy and education. It is through my practice that I am able to provide affirmation, reassurance and support to each family I work with. I look forward to the journey ahead, may you all be happy and free!

Pronouns: She/her.


Winchester Park gets Pallet’able Art.

The Napanee Beaver – Pallet’able Art “Inclusion” & “Inspiring Possibilities”

There was a nice turnout to witness the installation of Pallet’able Art by the Town of Greater Napanee.

This project was a collaboration with Community Living Lennox & Addington aimed to raise awareness of disability inclusion within our community. “Inspiring Possibilities” was sponsored and commissioned by CLLA, staff and clients.

“Inspiring Possibilities”

Autism Network LAC – LACAN commissioned the talented Barbara Andrea Grawberger to bring “Inclusion” to fruition.


It was an honour to have Tim Nimigan’s knowledge and experience with the Celebrating Arts and Culture of Napanee, to honour this piece.

Visit the Town of Greater Napanee to see more Pallet’able Art and the artists description of this amazing piece.

Communities who work together make beautiful things happen.

Tim Nimigan and Town of Greater Napanee staff working together.

Today it was this fabulous piece of art.

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Introducing Lee Cowling – Board Member LACAN

Here we grow again!

Lee Cowling has graciously joined our efforts to spread awareness of inclusion in her field of work and our communities.

She lives in Harrowsmith, which is an area we cover in Lennox & Addington County.

Lee is an experienced professional in the healthcare community. Some might even call her an expert in critical care, which is a specialized area of nursing.

Lee has travelled to the United States on a special work visa, spending two years of her career in a trauma hospital located in St. Petersburg, FL.

More recently, Lee held an important role with Trillium (Organ Donation Donor Team) where she experienced grief, tragedy and loss regularly.

She has provided compassion and kindness to many families during the challenging journey of organ donation.

We have no doubt Lee is perfect for a seat on our board to assist us to fulfill our vision of advocating for acceptance and inclusion in our community.

Autism Network LAC is honoured to have Lee’s skill-set, healthcare perspective and integrity on the board.

Please join us in welcoming Lee.

Lee Cowling BIO:

Board Member – Director

Hello! My name is Lee, I’ve been selected for a position, on the board of directors with Autism Network LAC – LACAN as a healthcare professional.

I have been in the healthcare field for the past 20 years. During this time I have seen diversity and with that the knowledge of how important educating our community of different challenges many families face daily. How to be an inclusive; family member, friend, co-worker or neighbour.

Someone close to me lives on the autism spectrum and has given me many reasons to be passionate about advocating for acceptance and inclusion.

I’m looking forward to bringing a voice as a healthcare professional to encourage inclusion now and for our future generations!

Lee Cowling