How to use a trampoline – Sensory Output – Autism

How to use a trampoline for sensory output – Autism.

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When I first bought this little tikes trampoline I thought it would be fun and maybe help Hank with balance. He seemed to enjoy it for awhile and then he just lost interest.

After learning from The Maltby Centre Therapists/Professionals how to aid in self-regulation by offering your little ones techniques/tricks to minimize the build-up of frustration by providing an outlet for their energy.

The Maltby Centre and KidsInclusive therapists have been outstanding and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to get all the resources they need. If I can share my experience and offer you something new to try, that may help your loved one living with autism, I will be one happy gal.

I also encouraged the school to work in the trampoline at scheduled times to help with making it a part of Hank’s routine so he gets the sensory output daily.

It is my hope Hank will soon learn how to self regulate more easily. Sometimes it seems Hank doesn’t understand why he has so much pent-up energy or how to release it, and this is when I see meltdowns and self-injuring. I’ve found by building jumping into his routine has appeared to give him a sense of calm and in time, I hope to aid in an understanding of self-regulation.

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How to communicate without words – Proloquo2go.

How to communicate without words – Proloquo2go.

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Having no way to express yourself must be one of the most difficult and frustrating experiences for a person who can’t communicate verbally or functionally by speaking.

I can only relate this by imagining myself going to another country, having no one who understands my wants or needs, while trying to ask everyone for a drink of water but no one will listen or acknowledge my request. Let that sink in.

After a lot of advocating, endless phone calls and waiting, Hank was eligible for an augmentative device to assist with speech and language development.

Anyone who has been through this process knows getting this device is only the first step in a very long journey of learning and therapy. This process is long and repetitive reinforcing communication technique to get all your wants and needs met!

This was the very first time Hank ever requested anything other then corn twists or a YouTube train video.

I cried happy tears and then packed up the car and went to see Aunt Brandy!!!!

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Adapting to the changes.

Kelly’s Homeschooling Journey

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My sister is one of my biggest parental inspirations, since she too has a child on the spectrum. Although our children couldn’t be more different I take comfort knowing she GETS IT. I’m so proud she has began to feel comfortable enough to share her experience on this wonderful platform of uplifting and positive families, caregivers and support workers.

With her permission I have shared (below) how she has been navigating homeschooling for more then a year now and she tells me its ever changing! Keep sharing Kelly we love your perspective!

Kelly shared:

Our Home-schooling journey has been going on for almost a year now and we have overcome many obstacles and made much progress along the way. With that being said, it is a daily challenge and requires a lot of patience and persistence. In our home we are constantly changing the way we do things, to keep it appealing. This is what you do when you have a child who is on the spectrum (ADHD, ODD, OCD, +) and focus for any length of time is a serious challenge. You gotta go with the flow and keep trying new things until you find what works.

I never wanted to have a “classroom-type” set up but I am willing to try almost anything to see if it makes a difference to establish a more consistent routine.

Avery is already playing with the letter-board, making new words since he is not happy with the ones I’ve chosen.


How to Identify Sensory Relief within Autism

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Some days we decide we’re wearing a hockey helmet to school.

I’ve come to learn its not him being stubborn or wanting to even go skating. Sensory processing is different for everyone living on the spectrum.

This little guy loves the feeling his helmet gives him, it helps him block out other sounds and feel safe. This really confused me because I have tried tirelessly to have him wear sound cancelling headphones and he hates the feeling of them in or near his ears.

Something we are still working on, thankfully he doesn’t want the hockey helmet everyday.

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How to Increase Fine-Motor-Skills – Autism

Alphabet and Number Tracing Help with Fine-Motor Skills

Alphabet Tracing Number App under Education is a wonderful app that allows to build on fine motor skills.

Hank has really enjoyed this app and we try to work on it before we use our pencil just to ease into it. Some days it works great and others….well…we roll with it.

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Sensory Swing Therapy for Autism

Autism Sensory Swing

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My sister gifted us this therapy swing for Hank, I was so sad when he was too terrified to use it.

The swing sat there, month-after-month and just seemed to be in the way. Hank refused to even get into the swing which was frustrating since I wanted to give him something for sensory output and he was not as into his trampoline anymore. I later spoke to his therapist at the Maltby Centre and was able to collaborate and come up with a strategy. Happy to say I used their advice, and it worked!

After many hours of praise, failure and positive reinforcement Hank loves to relax, swing and even jump in his therapy swing.

This swing does provide support to promote self-regulation. Before we had these strategies Hank’s meltdowns were escalating and lasting longer. I’m happy to say these items have worked for us, I hope they help just one other person out there.

Therapy Swing link.

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Autism and Scripting

An example of scripting in a non-verbal child.

I can hardly believe this video was a year ago. Hank has progressed so much since then! For those of you wondering what scripting can look like, here is an example of what it can look like in a non-verbal child.

Hank had never been observed pairing more then 1-2 words together functionally… this was a big celebration day for this mama. It didn’t even matter to me that it was the background music for a YouTube train battle, Christmas edition. I will note; we listened to this over 1 million times! 🤪 (You’re welcome, to whoever my son likes and subscribes to because you are going places!)

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Mom Launches YouTube Channel to Spread Autism Awareness.

Navigating Autism – A mom’s journey.

Hello my name is Mandy Stapley, Founder/President of Lennox and Addington County Autism Network and i’m excited to share my welcome message for my YouTube channel. 

I will be sharing my experiences, as a single mother, information that has helped me along this journey navigating autism. Delighted to share stories of our life, with my biggest hero and passion, Hank. 

Please join me if you would like to learn more about autism and how it could affects you in some way everyday, I will be dropping a new video everyday at 7PM EST, please like and subscribe so you don’t miss us. Stay safe friends. 


Bus Harness for Sensory/Autism Safety.

Bus Harness Can be comforting and make your child feel safe.

For 2 years my oldest daughter was petrified of the school bus. During her kindergarten class trips I would have to drive her or she would miss out attending. If I brought her near a bus she would run away and have a look of terror washed over her face. 

When her youngest sister started school and therapy, it became impossible for me to be at the school to drop-off/pick-up, since I had to be in another location her therapy sessions.

Mt daughter’s therapist at Maltby implemented a program to expose her to the school bus and reinforce success using her favourite food and lots of praise. 

The day soon came when there was a class trip, with only a 5 minute bus ride. I had seen her go up those bus steps so many times, only to see her exit the bus 10 seconds later.

Today, while I watched from a parking lot in my van anticipating her exit….. it didn’t happen today! She was the last student to get on the bus, the bus doors shut and started to move and I couldn’t believe it! 

My daughter now loves the school bus!

This is a picture of her excitedly waiting for the bus. The school bus driver Grant and bus monitor, Gloria are great with my daughter. Gloria always helps her wave goodbye to me as the bus drives away, which is an extremely special for me.

Thank you to Kristy Blais, Co-founder/Director, Lennox & Addington County Autism Network for this amazing piece.