McDonalds Coffee Day ☕️ – World Autism Day Donation.

World Autism Day Fundraiser was successful in donation of $353.50.

Last week the World united in acknowledging neurodiversity.

Our local McDonalds generously offered to assist our charity to meet our goal of $1500 to support purchasing neurodiversity affirming sensory support tools.

Members of Autism Network visited the Napanee McDonalds location and were met by friendly, kind and compassionate staff who were happy to chat about neurodiversity.

Staff were busy handling the lunch rush but they still welcomed us with friendly faces.

This business has been a supporter to not only our family but our network as well. It is one of many reasons Napanee is greater.

Spin to Win Napanee – World Autism Day Donation.

Spin to Win – Napanee run by Sharon MacDonald

In support of World Autism Day, Spin to Win – Napanee is a local charity operated by Sharon MacDonald. They made a donation of $2,500 to support the neurodiverse community.

Thank you, Sharon, for all the tireless work you do to support your community. You truly are an inspiration.

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