Awareness Signage installed-Raising awareness in local neighbourhood.

Mother/Autism Advocate, Mandy Stapley.

Awareness efforts to support ASD in our local community of Napanee, Ontario.

Signage for “child with autism” was installed on our street to assist in raising awareness to local traffic. Aimed to caution drivers to take extra caution, as some children living on the autism spectrum do not recognize road dangers or road safety as easily as quickly as others.

I have been working with the Town of Greater Napanee roads department, and Marg Isbester – Mayor of Greater Napanee in advocating for this important sign in hopes to generate ASD awareness in our neighbourhood.

This is the face of a determined Mom, taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of her child who struggles with awareness of road safety.

This is what advocacy looks like. It takes time, patience and a whole lot of faith in your community.

I’d like to share my excitement with this gesture of inclusion, it has made an impact in my life. Thank you to everyone involved to make this happen.

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