Anyone else have mom-guilt when sending little food to school in their lunch bag?

We’re ready for our first school adventure tomorrow.

This photo makes me extremely emotional for many reasons. It reminds me Hank is different and requires so much more support to be included.

Let’s talk food aversions.

Does anyone else struggle with guilt when sending your child to school with non-nutritional food items?

Hank has had such a difficult relationship with food; texture, smell, colour and taste.

Hank eats; corn-twists, plain rice cakes, peanut butter toast, McDonald’s fries/hash browns and milk.

The food clinic through Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, Ontario was consulted and shared its typically the case with children who live with ASD.

Professionals in their field shared, food aversions and sensory processing disorder is common in ASD children with relation to food preferences.

The Maltby Centre food program was overall unsuccessful for Hank and it continues to be an ongoing challenge throughout his journey.

I continue to remain hopeful that with time Hank will want to try more foods so he can have a positive relationship to that avail.

We’re starting back to school tomorrow with a transitioned amount of time: two hours.

We’re transitioning from an intense behavioural intervention (IBI) 19 hours per week to community supports (ABA) 3-5 maybe max 10 hours per week.

This is AGAINST parent recommendations and without opportunity to appeal.

YES. You read that CORRECTLY.

In a democratic society this seems unethical, but I’ll move on and hope I get answers to the questions I’ve placed in professional hands.

Clinical supervisor gave a recommendation from the Maltby Center, whom is contracted from OAP (Ontario Autism Program)

It is in Hank’s best interest in the meantime to take full advantage of the 6 month allotted transition time for IBI to ABA service individuals.

Maltby transition team, along with LDSB is an excellent resource that should be utilized more!

This team is diligently working to support Hank in making his transition to full-time public school as smooth as possible.

I’d love to hear your experiences or ideas in getting littles to try new foods with severe food aversions.

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