Sound Cancelling Headphones

Sensory Processing Disorder looks differently to each person who lives with it. What triggers stress in one person may not bother another.

For instance, Hank doesn’t mind the sound of music, fire trucks or laughter. Rather his triggers are things like; unexpected dogs barking, washing machines filling with water, and industrial lawn mowers are just a few things that will leave him crippling over covering his ears in distress.

These sensory overloading challenges have been challenging to overcome for Hank. Since he is so adverse to having anything over his ears, it’s made it difficult to encourage him to wear sound cancelling headphones to help decrease the noises around him.

Over the past couple days, I purchased an adult pair of headphones and began prepping to “really focus” on presenting these headphones every time a sensory sound arises for Hank.

I began immediately last night. There was barking outdoors and it appeared to bother him even indoors as he covered his ears. I saw our first opportunity put the headphones on but tried a different approach then in the past. So I placed the headphone on myself and said “oh my, no more barking these are magic- will Hank try?”

He let me put them on him! He kept them on for several minutes. I praised him for using them to help with the barking and told him I would keep them near in case he needed them again later. (Insert a lot of inner happy screaming and jumping)

Fast forward to this morning when our grass was being cut and Hank was experiencing discomfort. I provided the headphones and he immediately put them on and watched his ipad happily for several minutes.

Sound Cancelling Headphones

This was a HUGE deal, because in the past Hank would’ve refused the headphones and tossed them, likely ending in a meltdown from frustration.

What a difference a year can make. He is understanding cause and affect much better and I’m so thankful!

Just keep trying. What didn’t work before, might just come together soon. 🤞🤞

Mandy Stapley