How to Introduce New Foods – Autism – Sensory

How to Introduce new foods — Autism & Sensory

Hank has a very restricted diet, for a number of reasons. Not because I want him to or because of any allergies. Some of the reasons are still unknown to me, is it motor function? Problems swallowing? Getting into a feeding clinic is much more complicated than you might think.

Link to video — click here.

Hank has been diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder which causes extreme anxiety for him when a demand to eat or touch new foods.

Hank has had intense food therapy to introduce new foods, which was unsuccessful.

Although, I did learn a lot of useful tips and important information, that I have incorporated into our daily schedule to promote trying new foods during the food therapy sessions.

I’ve learned this is not a sprint but rather a marathon. I want to give a huge shout-out to the wonderful therapists at The Maltby Centre for their expertise and guidance throughout this difficult journey, without them I would’ve felt so alone. Thank you for all your support.

On this particular day, Hank held a banana! In my house that’s a big win!

Hank didn’t eat it but did have it in his hands was a huge success. It took 2 weeks of moving a banana closer and closer to him during breakfast to get him comfortable enough to touch and hold the banana, and LOTS of positive reinforcement. Since part of Hank’s sensitivities is colour related I tried to pick something neutral.

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