Covid-19 The STRUGGLE is REAL

Covid-19 The Struggle is REAL

Let me start this by saying how fortunate I am to be able to be at home with my children, I’ve been a stay at home mother for 9 years. My husband is also working from home during this stressful time, we’re caring for three children one with ASD. Our home is full of all of the essentials needed in this crisis, groceries to last week’s and toilet paper to last years (totally joking about the toilet paper). 

When I first found out about the pandemic in the world I was scared for or lives, but then I quickly came to terms with it. “I’ve got this, it’s no different than summer” boy did I find out I was very wrong. In Fact I don’t have this at all, I’m STRUGGLING with daily tasks that were once simple. 

As I sit here writing this I’m looking at the laundry piled four loads high, the dishes are sitting in the sink “rinsing” , but I’m going to sit here and enjoy my not so hot tea, write my blog all while my husband gives me a much needed break by taking the kids outside to play. 

My son Logan who has ASD has had his life turned upside down, the first few weeks were fun we played lots of games watched movies etc. Then Doug Ford announced that everyone had to start homeschooling their children. I was super excited to set up their work stations and get everything organized to get started. I was living like a “pinterest mom” who has her crap together. The first day was great two of my children were doing their work and getting along. I sat there looking at Logans work wondering how I was going to get it done with him, he’s always known school is where I go to work and home is where I come to relax and have down time. 

You could see his entire mood change when I said “Logan it’s time to do school” the look of why the heck am I doing  school at home. There were tears, not only from Logan but from me. I melted, I knew he didn’t understand why we had to do this, we didn’t have a choice. Routine is Logan’s best friend, and this was not his normal routine. 

The school was able to lend me his Ipad and keyboard that he’s accustomed to. Having those items have made things less stressful for me. We’ve learnt that Logan can’t sit at the table for more than 15 minutes at a time, that doesn’t seem like much time at all but it’s enough for him. When he’s done his 15 minutes of work he gets to enjoy a show on his Ipad or read a book on Epic. I had such high hopes that everything would go smooth, it didn’t go the way I had hoped. 

Technology is the way of the world, who knew? 
My children have to do their learning on different apps on their Ipads that I’ve never seen before, I thought I was somewhat techy but I’m definitely not. 

That’s enough about the challenges of school, let’s talk about Logan’s other struggles. We haven’t experienced pinching or biting in what seems life forever. Those habits are now back in full force. Yesterday we were sitting on the couch relaxing and Logan’s play Ipad died, once that happened he tried to pinch and bite. No reason behind it other than that he wasn’t able to continue playing his games. Being non-verbal and not able to tell me what’s wrong is very disheartening.

I think his frustrations come with the change of everything we’re experiencing. We don’t keep a regular bedtime routine because we also feel as though it’s a blessing that we all get to spend this time together so we watch movies and have fun when we can.

I hear my kids outside getting ready to come in for the evening, it’s time to end this blog and get dinner ready. I will be sure to keep you up to date on all of our Covid-19 related struggles soon. 


Ashley Piontek- Founding Director