Therapists at Maltby taught my daughter to use the IPAS at the centre. It was with the purpose that she could complete each task independently without guidance. At first she started with one bin and worked her way up to three. 

IPAS – Autism

At school it was useful for the EAs/teachers to have her engage in these mastered tasks so that they could then work with another child they were supporting as well. Then they could switch and my daughter could have one on one teaching time to learn the necessary skills at school. As most of you know, EAs are often stretched thin in the education system…often having up to 6 kids attached to them in the classroom. Very rarely do even kids with severe autism have one to one support. 

I have found incorporating the IPAS in our life at home to be very useful. Here you can see my daughter completing her activities in each of the blue bins. While she is doing this, I was able to prepare dinner without interruption. I have found this to be very helpful in breaking her out of her bad behaviour. Before this picture was taken she was trying to dump and throw anything she could get her hands on. You could also use this to have your child complete independent skills such as putting clothes in each of the bins for the purpose of getting them to dress themselves independently. You can be creative with its uses. I have even put toys in the bins. I find it best to have closed ended activities. 

Once they complete their IPAS it’s best if they have a reward or reinforcement. This could be anything from a special treat to extra screen time…whatever is motivating with your child.

The IPAS is beneficial for all children! Especially at this time when we are finding ourselves to be teachers to all our children during covid-19. Instructions below for those interested! I just bought the bins at the dollar store.

Quick instructions

1. Goes to schedule (pink folder in my picture)
2. Takes off picture and matches it to bin
3. Completes activity in bin independently 
4. Puts materials back in bin and takes picture off bin 
5 puts picture in all done pocket
6. Repeat above instructions with all other bins 
7. After completion of activities, raises hand to indicate done or uses an all done picture to either hand to parent…or verbally indicate done if able to do so.

Maltby Centre
Autism Ontario
Centre for Behavioural Studies
Southview Public School
Limestone District School Board

Written by: Kristy Blais, Co-Founder/Director