How to use a trampoline – Sensory Output – Autism

How to use a trampoline for sensory output – Autism.

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When I first bought this little tikes trampoline I thought it would be fun and maybe help Hank with balance. He seemed to enjoy it for awhile and then he just lost interest.

After learning from The Maltby Centre Therapists/Professionals how to aid in self-regulation by offering your little ones techniques/tricks to minimize the build-up of frustration by providing an outlet for their energy.

The Maltby Centre and KidsInclusive therapists have been outstanding and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to get all the resources they need. If I can share my experience and offer you something new to try, that may help your loved one living with autism, I will be one happy gal.

I also encouraged the school to work in the trampoline at scheduled times to help with making it a part of Hank’s routine so he gets the sensory output daily.

It is my hope Hank will soon learn how to self regulate more easily. Sometimes it seems Hank doesn’t understand why he has so much pent-up energy or how to release it, and this is when I see meltdowns and self-injuring. I’ve found by building jumping into his routine has appeared to give him a sense of calm and in time, I hope to aid in an understanding of self-regulation.

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