How to communicate without words – Proloquo2go.

How to communicate without words – Proloquo2go.

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Having no way to express yourself must be one of the most difficult and frustrating experiences for a person who can’t communicate verbally or functionally by speaking.

I can only relate this by imagining myself going to another country, having no one who understands my wants or needs, while trying to ask everyone for a drink of water but no one will listen or acknowledge my request. Let that sink in.

After a lot of advocating, endless phone calls and waiting, Hank was eligible for an augmentative device to assist with speech and language development.

Anyone who has been through this process knows getting this device is only the first step in a very long journey of learning and therapy. This process is long and repetitive reinforcing communication technique to get all your wants and needs met!

This was the very first time Hank ever requested anything other then corn twists or a YouTube train video.

I cried happy tears and then packed up the car and went to see Aunt Brandy!!!!

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