Sensory Swing Therapy for Autism

Autism Sensory Swing

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My sister gifted us this therapy swing for Hank, I was so sad when he was too terrified to use it.

The swing sat there, month-after-month and just seemed to be in the way. Hank refused to even get into the swing which was frustrating since I wanted to give him something for sensory output and he was not as into his trampoline anymore. I later spoke to his therapist at the Maltby Centre and was able to collaborate and come up with a strategy. Happy to say I used their advice, and it worked!

After many hours of praise, failure and positive reinforcement Hank loves to relax, swing and even jump in his therapy swing.

This swing does provide support to promote self-regulation. Before we had these strategies Hank’s meltdowns were escalating and lasting longer. I’m happy to say these items have worked for us, I hope they help just one other person out there.

Therapy Swing link.

If you would like to follow our journey I will put our link here for those interested. Thank you for your continued support. A Mom’s Journey Navigating Autism