Bus Harness for Sensory/Autism Safety.

Bus Harness Can be comforting and make your child feel safe.https://www.facebook.com/LennoxAndAddingtonCountyAutismNetwork/photos/a.322729731946736/524529061766801/?type=3&theater

For 2 years my oldest daughter was petrified of the school bus. During her kindergarten class trips I would have to drive her or she would miss out attending. If I brought her near a bus she would run away and have a look of terror washed over her face. 

When her youngest sister started school and therapy, it became impossible for me to be at the school to drop-off/pick-up, since I had to be in another location her therapy sessions.

Mt daughter’s therapist at Maltby implemented a program to expose her to the school bus and reinforce success using her favourite food and lots of praise. 

The day soon came when there was a class trip, with only a 5 minute bus ride. I had seen her go up those bus steps so many times, only to see her exit the bus 10 seconds later.

Today, while I watched from a parking lot in my van anticipating her exit….. it didn’t happen today! She was the last student to get on the bus, the bus doors shut and started to move and I couldn’t believe it! 

My daughter now loves the school bus!

This is a picture of her excitedly waiting for the bus. The school bus driver Grant and bus monitor, Gloria are great with my daughter. Gloria always helps her wave goodbye to me as the bus drives away, which is an extremely special for me.

Thank you to Kristy Blais, Co-founder/Director, Lennox & Addington County Autism Network for this amazing piece.