Logan Rides A Bike – Video Below!!

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For those of you who know me, you know my greatest gift in life are my children.

As many of you know, my middle son, Logan, lives with ASD. Logan’s biggest supporters are his brothers.

Covid-19 has forced us to stay inside. Being in a small neighbourhood we haven’t felt safe being outdoors. Since Logan’s immune system is lower then the average person.

Today my kids wanted to ride bikes, so we decided to pack them up and head over to my parents for them to get some fresh air.

My parents have a large open space, where it’s private to the public so limiting contact.

Logan decided he wanted to be like his brothers and learn how to ride a bike. 

We’ve tried in the past, with no success. Logan would get on his bike and peddle, but didn’t understand he had to steer and peddle on his own.

Today, however with help from his big brother Logan learned the concept!

There were no tears, just loud laughs and lots of smiles.

I’m proud to say we are going to continue encouraging him to be more independent. 

We want him to be able to play in the same ways as his brothers.

Maybe, being isolated with his brothers has taught Logan to open his eyes to more possibilities.

So being to inside for the time being isn’t all that bad.

Please continue to follow us to hear more about Logan’s journey.

Logan Rides His Bike!

This is worth celebrating!